Rules in brief


The game begins at the teeing ground with the number "1", and we proceed until we reach the hole with the number "18". We start with a kick off from teeing ground "1" and try to get the ball into the hole using as few strokes as possible. The player who had the lowest number of strokes on the preceding hole has precedence at the next hole and kicks off first. If the ball of another player obstructs the kick off, the player can remove the ball and then return it to its spot, but naturally after your kick off. You will find special rules at the teeing ground of every hole. You must respect the other players and ensure that you do not injure anyone with your ball. Our course and hazards are designed so that anyone at all can play, and so people of various age categories and different abilities can play together. On some holes it is possible to get a "minus" score, which will be deducted from your overall score..


The official rules of footballgolf are governed by the World Footballgolf Association (Wfga). This is so that players from all over the world can play under the same conditions.

Rule 1. The game


1-1. General

The game of Footballgolf consists of kicking a ball from a teeing ground (a marked area designated for the first kick). It is kicked again from the place where it comes to rest, the process is repeated until the ball is in the hole.

1-2. Exerting influence on ball

A player must not take any action to influence the position or the movement of a ball except in accordance with the Rules.

1-3. Points not covered by the rules

If any point in dispute is not covered by the Rules, the decision should be made by the Referee. Penalty for breach of rules 1–2: The referee decides on the disqualification of players.

Rule 2. Kick off


2-1. General - Winner

The game is played for the number of strokes, so-called par. Each hole has a designated par. Players can either get under the limit or over it. So if a player needs 6 kicks to complete a par 4 hole, on his score card it is written that he played that hole with the result +2. If he were to complete the same hole, for example, at par 2, a score of -2 would be recorded on his score card. After completion of the course, the pars of all player are added up, and the player with the lowest number of pars is the winner. Should it occur that two players have the same number of pars for the entire course, the winner is the one who played the last round with the lowest number of pars. If once again the players have the same number, the sum of the last nine holes, the last six, and finally the last three will be decisive.

2-2. Non-adherence to hole

If a competitor does not manage to get his ball into the hole on each section and does not rectify his error before continuing to the next teeing ground, he is automatically disqualified.

2-3. Refusal to adhere to rules

If a competitor refuses to respect the rules and rights of other players, he is disqualified.

2-5. Penalty kicks

The punishment for a breach of the rules in footballgolf consists of two kicks, unless otherwise is designated in exceptional cases.

Rule 3. Equipment


3-1. Footwear

A player can choose any pair of shoes except for those which could damage the course. So for example football boots with studs are forbidden.

3-2. Jerseys

Any clothing or strip is permitted unless otherwise is designated before the start of a tournament.

Rule 4. The ball


4-1. General

The ball must be a football of size 5 with a round shape.

4-2. Ball unfit for play

A ball unfit for play is cracked or otherwise damaged. A ball that is unfit for play must be exchanged.

Rule 5. The player


5-1. Rules

It is the player's responsibility to know the rules.

5-2. Time for starting of groups

A player must start at the time designated by the referee or organiser. The groups must not change during play.

5-3. Identification mark

Each player is responsible for playing the correct ball. For this reason he should mark it with some mark, or they should have a different colour.

5-4. Scoring

After each hole the players should record each other's score. After the end of play, the players must sign the score card and give it to the organiser.



No alteration may be made to the score card if the player has given it to the referee.


The competitor is responsible for the correctness of the score recorded for each hole on his score card. If a player falsifies his score in any way, he is disqualified.

Rule 6. Practice


6-1. Before or between rounds

If the committee allows it during the competition a player may play on the course on which the competition is held.

6-2. During round

A player must not take a practice kick during the playing of a hole.

Rule 7. Advice


7-1. Advice

During a stipulated round, a player can give advice to any of the players or ask for advice. A player must not give wrong information to his opponent.

Rule 8. Order of play


The competitor with the lowest score for a hole, takes the honour of kicking off at the teeing ground first. The competitor with the next lowest score plays next, and so on. If two players have the same score, they play from the next teeing ground in the same order as at the previous teeing ground. After the competitors have started play of the hole, the ball farthest from the hole is played first. If a player plays in a different order, there is no penalty.

Rule 9. Teeing ground


9-1. Teeing ground

A player must always tee off from the ground. The ball should be placed on the indicated mark. During kick off, a player need not stand on the teeing ground.

Rule 10. Playing the ball


10-1. General

A ball must be played exactly as it lies. Unless it involves an exception, such as ball in a water hazard.

10-2. Improving lie

A player must not break or bend part of the course and so improve the kicking position.

Rule 11. Kicking the ball


11-1. Kick

The ball must be kicked with the foot.

Rule 12. Wrong ball


12-1. Wrong ball

If a player kicks the wrong ball, he incurs a penalty of two kicks. Kicks of the wrong ball are not counted. If the wrong ball belongs to another competitor, its owner must place the ball on the spot from which this ball was first played.

Rule 13. Green


13-1. Lifting and cleaning the ball

A ball on the putting green may be lifted and cleaned, but naturally the original position of the ball must be marked, and the ball must be replaced on the same spot.

13-2. Ball overhanging hole

If any part of the ball is overhanging the hole, the player is allowed to complete play without any delay. But the ball must be wholly at rest and without movement.

13-3. Kick when other player is playing

It is forbidden for a player to kick his ball, if any other player whose turn it is happens to be taking a kick.

Rule 14. Flagstick


14-1. Lifting the flagstick

Before kicking anywhere on the course, a player may remove the flagstick to better mark the position. But naturally he must not hold or locate the flag in such a way as to obstruct any movement of the ball and playing of the kick. If the flagstick is in the hole, the ball is resting against it but has not fallen into it, the player may remove the flagstick from the hole. If the ball falls into the hole, the last kick is counted for him.

Rule 15. Obstacles


If a player is significantly obstructed by the terrain or some natural obstacle, without penalty he may move the ball a maximum of three metres, but not closer to the hole.

Rule 16. Ball out of bounds


If the ball goes out of bounds, the player must play the ball from the nearest place where it left the course. He suffers one penalty kick for this.

Rule 17. Ball unplayable


The player himself decides if his ball is unplayable. If he deems his ball to be unplayable, he has to options for proceeding. For one penalty kick, he may move the ball up to three metres, but not closer to the hole; or he can return to the place of the preceding kick and take the kick again (also for one penalty kick).


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